Winery Alois Lageder with Vineria Paradeis

Respect for nature. Responsible agriculture. Diversity in the vineyard. The Alois Lageder Winery stands for a holistic and sustainable approach to farming and has shaped biodynamic viticulture in Alto Adige. Founded in 1823, it is now run by the sixth generation family member Alois Clemens Lageder. The wines are fresh and lively and reflect the diversity of Alto Adige. With a holistic approach, a love of experimentation and the courage to try new things, the winery never stops striving for the highest quality.

Vineria Paradeis

The Vineria Paradeis expresses in full the approach with which the Alois Lageder Winery cultivates the vineyards and produces wines. The winery is seen as a farm organism, a living microcosm with a diversity of plants and animals. The goal is honoring the natural connection between soil, plants, animals and humans.

The organic certified Restaurant Paradeis is an essential part of this cycle, since everything the farm produces ends up in the dishes and wines that are served, such as the grapes from the vineyards, the olives from our olive grove, the meat from our oxen, pigs and chickens, or the variable and seasonal produce from the garden. And to these the restaurant adds the products of local organic or biodynamic farmers, with whom the winery has a close relationship of trust.

The aim is to use food as holistically as possible. All the meat from the animals is processed, from shoulder to loin, from house sausage to pâté. Vegetables and fruit that are not needed for the daily restaurant business are not thrown away, but boiled down, pickled, dried or fermented. For this purpose, the Alois Lageder Winery has set up its own manufacturing facility.

In addition to Alois Lageder's wines, the Vineria therefore also sells homemade products such as jams, pâtés, fermented and pickled vegetables, dried fruit, syrups and olive oil.


Vineria Paradeis, S. Geltrude 10, Magrè, tel. 0471 809 580,

Tenuta Alois Lageder, Tòr Löwengang, Vicolo dei Conti 9, Magrè, tel. 0471 809500,

Opening hours: Lu – Sa: gennaio – feb. ore 10 – 15, marzo – ott. ore 10– 18, nov. – dic. ore 10 – 17, cucina calda a pranzo marzo – dicembre ore 12-15.30; Domenica giorno di riposo

Guided tour with wine tasting by appointment every Tuesday at 14:30

Themed guided tours or individual on request.


Oil & Vinegar, Spreads & Jams, Wine, Fruit, Juice, Vegetables, Honey, Herbal Products, Meat, Liquors, Other Specialities.


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