About Us

Who's behind the platform?

We, the Bioland Verband Südtirol, are committed to the greening of South Tyrolean agriculture and the entire South Tyrolean organic farming scene. We are committed to taking good care of the members, as well as billing issues and the constant improvement and promotion of the platform.


Why does this platform exist?

The platform was created to bring public attention to the diversity of South Tyrolean organic farms and organic agriculture in general. Organic farms of any association (Bioland, demeter, EU-Bio etc.) can become members and present themselves through a personal profile with text and images to the general public and website visitors. Our goal is to bring more personality, clarity and transparency into the South Tyrolean organic food industry.


Why organic?

Organic farming is based on a circular economy that does not require synthetic pesticides and chemical-synthetic fertilizers. Thus, organic farms are heavily involved in active climate, soil and nature conservation and promote biodiversity through various greening measures. Fertile soil, species-appropriate animal husbandry and the careful use of resources are self-evident on organic farms. In addition, high quality, valuable and delicious food is produced. More than one reason for going organic! This sustainable way of farming preserves natural resources for a sustainable agriculture and a viable future for all!


Who can participate?

South Tyrol's organic farms are as diverse as the South Tyrolean landscape. And just as scattered: on steep mountain slopes, in hidden valleys, but also in city centers and on main roads. Our goal is to make all organic farms in South Tyrol discoverable. Members may be those organic farms that meet the following requirements:



Which area does the platform include?

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